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We loved our first book: My Name is Celia/Me llamo Celia: The Life of Celia Cruz/la vida de Celia Cruz by by Monica Brown (Author) and Rafael Lopez (Illustrator). It won the Americas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature. It is a multilingual Spanish/English edition. I read this to all my girls, because you are always the right age for a beautiful and educational picture book.

The writing is fun and catchy, and the illustrations are beautiful and happy! All of us loved it. We were inspired to learn more about Celia Cruz, and spent quite a bit of time listening to Celia’s music and reading more about her life.


2Little Rosebuds

Culture Chest is a new subscription box that introduces your child to a different culture every month.

Each box will consist of 1-2 picture books about different cultures, as well as a related activity to do as a family. Every collection will be based on a monthly theme such as music, food, and other universally understood subjects. Each title is chosen by their diverse team who carefully selects books with cultural relevancy and accuracy. Their goal is to teach your child about different cultures in our growingly interconnected world.


Globe Trottin Kids

We were so excited to find two books to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15 in the U.S.).  My Name is Celia: The Life of Celia Cruzand Tito Puente, Mambo King are bilingual books written by Monica Brown and illustrated by Rafael Lopez.  Both books are recipients of a Pura Belpré Illustrator Honor Award and it’s easy to see why.  The illustrations are bright and beautiful – just like the culture!


Houma Today

While Rose Espiritu was growing up in Houma, she said there weren't a lot of books about different cultures available.

Much of what she learned about her identity as a half-Filipino, half-Nigerian girl came from her family. But learning about cultures other than her own wasn't as easily accessible.


Bicultural Mama

Whether children have a multicultural background or not, providing them with an awareness of the world around them empowers them with knowledge, empathy, and a way to relate to one another. For children from minority backgrounds, representation in books matter to reinforce self-identity, self-appreciation, and role modeling. Children should feel good about their identities while celebrating others.


Here Wee Read

Get Cultured with Culture Chest: A Diverse Subscription Box for Kids

Have you heard the good news?  There’s another new diverse subscription box for kids that recently launched called Culture Chest.  Created by Rose Espiritu,  a half-Filipino, half-Nigerian woman, Culture Chest allows you to introduce your child to different cultures every month.  Growing up in Houma, Rose said there weren’t a lot of books about different cultures available.  Much of what she learned about her own identity came from her family.  Rose wanted to make learning about other cultures more accessible to families thus Culture Chest was created.



I think Culture Chest is an easy and fun way to introduce different languages and cultures to your child. Especially as America continues to be a melting pot, I believe it’s important that we teach our children to be tolerant and understanding of all cultures and ethnicities, and what a great way to do it–through children’s stories!


My Trending Stories

Representation matters. With that in mind, I’m excited about the upcoming launch of Culture Chest, a new book subscription box that spotlights diverse books for children ages 3-8. Rose Espiritu, the creator of Culture Chest, describes it as “a monthly care package designed to empower your child to learn about other cultures in our interconnected world.”


Black Amazing

Families everywhere are raving about Culture Chest, the subscription box service that brings a part of the world to your doorstep every month.

Culture Chest dedicates each month to a different culture and features carefully selected books by a diverse team. It has vibrant packaging, exciting activities and flexible subscription options to suit any budget.


Multicultural Kids Blog

Culture Chest with the theme “Dancing in September” for Hispanic Heritage Month. Includes bilingual books Tito Puente, Mambo King and Me llamo Celia Cruz, both by Monica Brown and Rafael Lopez


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Much of what she learned about her identity as a half-Filipino, half-Nigerian girl came from her family. But learning about cultures other than her own wasn't as easily accessible. As a way to get families to learn about and celebrate different cultures, the Terrebonne High School alum started a company called Culture Chest.


Here Wee Read

Holiday Gift Guide Series: The Ultimate List of Children’s Book Subscription BoxesA monthly cultural celebration!  Give your child the chance to learn about a world outside of themselves.

Each month you’ll receive 2-3 books and 1 surprise item designed to teach your child about different cultures in our growing, interconnected world.


New Orleans City Business

Ten startups have been named semi-finalists in a pitch competition for ideas to reduce or eliminate disparities for at-risk and underserved New Orleanians.

Culture Chest: A monthly subscription service delivering cultural experiences and educational resources to the doorsteps of teachers and early learners.


Silicon Bayou News

Last fall, Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation and early-stage education startup incubator 4.0 Schools teamed up to launch the first PitchNOLA: Education.


Hello Subscription

Culture Chest October 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

As a parent, I’ve spent considerable time searching for multicultural book offerings for my children. While I’ve occasionally been successful, I’ve found the process difficult. Not anymore! With Culture Chest, I can sit back and relax knowing that my children will receive two excellent books celebrating cultures around the world.



Avery and Augustine

Culture Chest: Asian Food

Sharing Culture Chest's subscription box from last month.  With the theme being Asian food, we received a trio of Asian snacks and two wonderful stories—Cora Cooks Pancit and Bee-bim Bop.  In many cultures, the countless hours that go into cooking are an expression of love for one's family.  Growing up in a Filipino family, pancit was a staple at almost every Thanksgiving gathering.  Believe it or not, it went well with turkey!


Subscription Box Mom

Culture Chest is a subscription box that sends culture books and activities just to kids.  Boxes are $25.00/month and contain 2 books, along with 1-2 activities themed around food, music, sports ect.  This box is designed to expose your child to a new part of the world each month.  You can cancel your subscription any month or skip any month.

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